When Jealousy Is Not a Curse - My Georgette Heyer Addiction

THIS WAS A GUEST POST ON THE MIMI MATTHEWS ROMANCE * LITERATURE * HISTORY BLOG I’m admitting upfront to a case of author envy when it comes to Georgette Heyer – even though I write super sexy, ultra-contemporary romances that are a world away from Heyer’s bygone eras full of heroes and heroines who fall in love before they even kiss. It comes down to the fact that the magic of a good romance isn’t about an era, the sex quotient, or even the happily-ever-after; the magic is strewn along the path the hero and heroine take to reach an understanding that they belong together – and Georgette Heyer strewed the kind of magic I aspire to strew: vivid characterisations, powerfully restrained emotion,

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