Playing Dress-Ups Is Not Just for Children

LOVE IS THE BEST MEDICINE COLUMN I don't like fancy dress parties. Okay – that is not strictly true. I actually love seeing the inventiveness of people who enjoy dressing up. I’ve just lost interest in doing it myself, so when I get an invitation to an event that requires theme dressing, I tend to have a little meltdown. As far as I can tell, my antipathy dates from two separate parties out of a lifetime of fancy dress. The first was when I was invited to a cross dressing party as a teenager, and took my brother along as my ‘date’. I cut up my mother’s wig to make a beard for myself (thereby doing her a favour if you ask me); and my brother (who, let me say, weighs in at a 15 on the 1-to-10

The Joy of 'I' - writing in the first person

THIS FIRST APPEARED AS PART OF AN ARTICLE ON FIRST PERSON/THIRD PERSON WRITING IN HEARTS TALK, THE MONTHLY NEWSLETTER OF THE ROMANCE WRITERS OF AUSTRALIA, JULY 2015 I wrote exclusively in the third person from two viewpoints until last year. I’d finished writing my sixth book and found something fundamentally wrong: the tension between my hero and heroine was not compelling. Several failed rewrites later, I had my first person epiphany wondering what would happen if my heroine told her own story, without the hero butting in and stealing the spotlight. And bingo! – Wanting Mr Wrong was born. This is what I learned along the way. Pros First person narrative gives you an inbuilt focal point for


PINK HEART SOCIETY COLUMN The last job I had in Australia was for an ASX 100 company. Despite its considerable importance in the business world and its very high public profile, it was known, back in the day, for having quite a few out-there personalities amongst its executives – including yours truly. So when I was preparing to depart that job six years ago, I felt it incumbent on me to plan a multi-departmental farewell party that would become the stuff of legend. And so it unfolded. Here are the details in dot point: The venue was the Grosvenor Taxi Club – sadly now closed, but back then, a bit of a Sydney institution, being one of the city’s first LGBTI licensed venues and the most inclu

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