Diamonds are a girl's best friend...?

PINK HEART SOCIETY COLUMN Pink Heart Society columnist Avril Tremayne is here to talk about the pros and cons of engagement rings... I don’t like dwelling on my many character flaws but one that I am confronted with every day of my life is my unerring ability to cut off my nose to spite my face. Why am I confronted with this daily? Because this is the picture of my ‘ring’ finger… Yep – it is NAKED! Despite my being married since Adam and Eve were children! No engagement ring. No wedding ring. In short – an abomination. Back in the day (waaaaaaay back), my husband proposed to me in what he thought was the most romantic spot in the world – the walls of St Malo, France. (The fact that it was th

Spotlight on Harlequin Junkie...

FROM FLING TO FOREVER Please summarize the book for the readers here: When nurse Ella Reynolds and television star turned medical documentary maker Aaron James meet at a wedding, they recognize something in each other—something complicated, that makes them want to run in opposite directions because their lives are complicated enough. But somehow, they keep ending up in the same place—and before long that ‘something complicated’ flares into a scorching attraction they just can’t seem to keep under control. Their solution is to get it out of their systems with a quick hard fling before sailing into their separate futures. The trouble is, fate seems to have mixed up ‘fling’ with ‘forever’ and s

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