Quirk Me Up: making characters surprising

PINK HEART SOCIETY COLUMN Pink Heart Society regular, Avril Tremayne, is talking about how to quirk up your characters... I’ve spent a lot of years writing – a lot of years writing crap, that is. It’s never been a style issue for me; ever since high school, I’ve been able to string words together quite nicely. And it hasn't been about plot; I've always had a tale to tell and a way to get to the end. Nope – the one ingredient that made my writing crap, was my cardboard cut-out characters. Which is, of course, the one area that is non-negotiable in the good v. crap stakes. CLICK HERE TO KEEP READING

Spotlight on Harlequin Junkie

THE CONTRACT Please summarize the book a la Twitter style for the readers here: Having failed Sex 101, analytical economist Lane sees nothing wrong with hiring a sex tutor – but Adam has a different lesson plan in mind. Please share your favorite line or quote from this book: I love this line so much! Adam is thinking about the suggestion he’s just made to Lane on the phone just to shock her – that she spank him – and wonders… What was he—a G-rated Marquis de Sade? Please share a few FUN facts about this book: * The idea for The Contract came about when a guy I used to work with suggested I make one of my heroes an economist, just like him. I thought it would be fun to twist that notion and

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