Introvert, Extrovert, or a Little Bit of Both?

LOVE IS THE BEST MEDICINE COLUMN A couple of years ago, I left the Middle East, where I’d been working for three years, armed with a new motto: answer any opportunity that comes along with a ‘yes’ and move back from that position only if you have to. Which meant that when it came time to think about finding a new job, I was open to any and all suggestions. There was only one thing that daunted me as I re-entered the job market: the personality test. The personality test, in a variety of permutations, had become so ubiquitous that every single opportunity that came my way required one, sometimes two, and sometimes even three tests. Now, I’m going on the record here to say that I detest person

Cover Loving

GUEST POST AT COPYWRITE1985 There are so many blogs out there about book covers – good covers, bad covers, cover trends, choosing covers – and one thing I know for sure: I am clueless! In fact, my cover cluelessness is one of the main impediments to my becoming a self-publishing author. I’ll give you an example. The first book I ever put on Wattpad, Signed, Sealed, Delivered, shocked me by becoming quickly and very successful. There was only one recurring criticism: that the cover (which I designed myself) did not do the story justice. In the interests of full disclosure, I’m sharing it here, alongside the much more fabulous cover of the version published earlier this year under its new titl

Old Skool v New Skool: Embracing the Bodice Ripper

PINK HEART SOCIETY COLUMN I’ve been on a retro reading binge over the past few weeks – ever since the Sydney Writers’ Festival, when the moderator of the Beyond Dukes and Damsels session, literary historian Jodie McAlister, kicked off proceedings with this question for the panelists (of whom I was one): What was the first romance novel you ever read? In my case, it was Kathleen Woodiwiss’s Medieval romance, The Wolf And The Dove, which I consumed as a teenager in a non-stop frenzy of awe. That book opened a door into a world of lush description, historical adventure and dark passion, and I wasted no time racing out that door and into that world, devouring all things Kathleen Woodiwiss, Lauri

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