Kitchen Duties - Take Them Away Please

LOVE IS THE BEST MEDICINE COLUMN I take quite a bit of time planning the living spaces of the main characters in my novels – the layout, the décor, the colour schemes – even though I don’t go into great detail about any of that in my books. All I usually end up doing is giving a tiny glimpse of their living space, as an adjunct to all the other things in the story that point to their personalities. I’ve had hero architects living in converted churches (my favourite of all the abodes I’ve created, and you can get a little look at the type of place on my Pinterest page for The Millionaire’s Proposition), over-the-top romantic bedrooms, rackety terrace houses, glamorous penthouse apartments, an

Are You Okay? Not If You Keep Asking Me

PINK HEART SOCIETY COLUMN A year or so ago, I was judging a writing contest. I'll confess that while I really enjoy reading competition entries, I break out in a cold sweat when I have to actually assess them. I know how difficult it is to put your work out there for someone to pick over, so I therefore operate on the principle of ‘Do Unto Others’, which means I go into each reading in a positive frame of mind, wanting to be delighted, while nevertheless being scrupulously fair when it comes to the point scoring part. In this particular instance, there was a book I enjoyed immensely. I loved the plot, I liked the characters, the writing was smooth. But one thing, nevertheless, kept grating o

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