A bun is not just a bun...

LOVE IS THE BEST MEDICINE COLUMN I love food. In fact, it’s my favourite pastime. Pizza, pasta, cheese, cakes, biscuits, seafood, roasts (preferably with Yorkshire pud), seafood; Indian, Mexican, Thai, Vietnamese, French, Spanish… You name it, I’ll eat it. But ‘celebration’ food is the kind I love best. Whether you’re celebrating for personal, religious, cultural or family reasons, those are the times you’re feasting with people you love, building traditions. For example, my birthday is the only day of the year I stand a chance of getting my I-am-so-over-the-kitchen mother to make me a winter lemon cake. This cake – a delight of airy white sponge, lemon curd and cream – is so delicious, my

Gotta love a man who collects art just for you...

PINK HEART SOCIETY COLUMN I’m not sure why I’m so obsessed with collecting things – I only know that I am. Among other things, I have a global collection of fridge magnets, more than 500 snow domes (watch for a future column about those beauties) and oh my goodness, the shoes! Enough to keep me busy, right? Apparently not, because a few years ago I decided to adopt my husband’s biggest obsession as well – collecting art. At the time of the Hon’s marriage proposal, way back in the day, his wall decoration consisted of a few Turner and Monet prints. But bit by bit, he started to become interested in original works, and not being in the market for a real live Monet (that day is never going to d

Nine of the...Wrongest

GUEST POST AT RANDOM HOUSE BOOKS AUSTRALIA The more conflict in a romance the better, for drama-lovers like me. And some of the best conflicts arise when the hero is the simply the wrong guy – a situation that sees the heroine either trying too hard to win him, or trying even harder to repulse him. Either way, one of them is going to end up in the emotional stockade. Brilliant! I know all of us avid readers have our favourite Mr Wrongs, but I’m delighted to share my own top nine. CLICK HERE TO KEEP READING...

Twisting the truth

GUEST POST AT BOOK MUSTER DOWN UNDER I'm kicking off another great Blog Tour for all you die-hard romantics out there. This time around, I'm delighted to welcome Avril Tremayne, author of Wanting Mr Wrong which was published on the 2nd February. Avril has kindly offered to share her thoughts on her characters ... and the torture she loves to put them through! Recently, a friend of mine told me she was going to have fun matching the characters in one of my books to their real life models. I was like, whoah – I don’t do that! But then I started wondering if maybe I actually do. CLICK HERE TO KEEP READING

Spotlight on Harlequin Junkie

THE MILLIONAIRE'S PROPOSITION Please summarize the book a la Twitter style for the readers here: An architect, a lawyer, a friends-with-benefits arrangement all tied up with a contract. Nothing can go wrong, right? But somehow it does. Please share your favorite line or quote from this book: This comment – from Kate’s PA, Deb, comes after Scott has just made a pre-lunch visit to Kate in her office, where things got out of hand despite Kate assuring Deb it would only take five minutes… ‘That was some five minutes, Kate. So, what will it be? Chicken and mung beans? Or do you need something more substantial—a chunk of raw meat, perhaps—to get your strength back?’ CLICK HERE TO KEEP READING...

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