Pick Me! Pick Me! Casting Call for Georgette Heyer

PINK HEART SOCIETY COLUMN I’m not saying this is a universal truth, but I am saying it’s a widespread phenomenon: ask a romance writer for a list of their key influencers and Georgette Heyer’s name will crop up. It doesn’t matter what subgenre they write, historical or contemporary, sweet or sexy, Georgette makes the list so often, it’s uncanny. Georgette Heyer was a British author (1902-1975), best known for her Georgian and Regency romances, but who also wrote a dozen detective novels, a smattering of contemporaries, and a few novels set in other historical periods. She published her first book, The Black Moth, set in the Georgian era, at the age of 17! Remarkable – or am I the only writer

A Waft of Scent, Dark and Dangerous

LOVE IS THE BEST MEDICINE COLUMN The title of this blog is a straight pinch from an as-yet-unpublished manuscript of mine, but it sums up my attitude to perfume. I absolutely love it, in case you're in any doubt. I’m thinking about perfume at the moment for various reasons. That as-yet-unpublished manuscript is the first reason – because the heroine has a huge store of perfumes she matches to her mood (which of course intrigues the hero). The second reason is that it’s that time of year when romance writers start thinking about attending conferences. After a year of isolation, we catch up face-to-face with our colleagues, meet with and/or pitch stories to editors and agents, and listen to a

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