Colour Me Happy

LOVE IS THE BEST MEDICINE COLUMN I love experimenting with hair colour. It might have been different if I’d been born with honey blonde hair, or midnight black, or rich chestnut, or flame red – then I would have been a very happy naturalist. But being born with what I call medium-grade rat – not too light, not too dark, not too interesting, not too anything other than indistinct – I’ve felt no compunction to stick with the colour I was born with. And I have to say, the urge to whack on a scalp full of dye and see what happens, purely because my own colour is not so fabulous, is something I’ve come to appreciate. Put simply: change is fun. Over the years, I’ve been through most of the traditi

Romantic Comedy and the Dark Moment

PINK HEART SOCIETY COLUMN Back in the day, I wanted to be a stage actor, so I’ve seen a lot of theatre in my time. But of all those plays, the one performance I will always remember is the Sydney Theatre Company's production of The Beauty Queen of Leenane by Irish playwright Patrick McDonagh, which starred the fabulous Pamela Rabe and Maggie Kirkpatrick. The Beauty Queen of Leenane is a black comedy about an elderly mother and her ‘spinster’ daughter, who live together in a remote Connemara village. And yes, it is funny. And it is most definitely black. I remember sitting in the dark with my husband, the Hon, initially just thrilled to be there, as I always am in a theatre...and then laughi

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