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Gotta love a man who collects art just for you...


I’m not sure why I’m so obsessed with collecting things – I only know that I am.

Among other things, I have a global collection of fridge magnets, more than 500 snow domes (watch for a future column about those beauties) and oh my goodness, the shoes!

Enough to keep me busy, right?

Apparently not, because a few years ago I decided to adopt my husband’s biggest obsession as well – collecting art.

At the time of the Hon’s marriage proposal, way back in the day, his wall decoration consisted of a few Turner and Monet prints. But bit by bit, he started to become interested in original works, and not being in the market for a real live Monet (that day is never going to dawn), he opted for up and coming Australian artists.

Before long, he was running amok buying paintings and the occasional sculpture every time he left the house!

If I could buy every Idris Murphy painting, I would!

However, I didn’t have a soul-deep appreciation for the Hon’s fabulous eye until I made the unilateral decision, back in 2009, to accept a job in the Middle East. It was a good job. It was an exotic location. It was going to segue to an idyllic life overseas when the rest of the family felt ready to join me (goodbye Australia, hello Europe!)…

In short, I was taking that job, come hell or high water.


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