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Rom Coms Rule - Part 1 - Launching Kiss Don't Tell


My romantic comedy Kiss Don't Tell is now out and about and I don’t mind admitting this book has a history that makes a good yarn in itself. You see, it’s what you might call a “reincarnation”.

Once upon a time, it came out under the title The Contract, but the fickleness of the publishing world (in other words, the demise of certain publishing lines) gave it back to me…and HQ Digital has given it back to me all over again by presenting me with the opportunity to turn it into a bigger, better, more fabulous read.

This story idea first came to me after one of my old banking colleagues suggested an economist (like him!) would make a splendid hero in one of my novels. I gave it some serious thought, and decided I liked the idea of an economist very much – but that it was a role for my heroine!

And so cool-calm-collected-on-the-outside, freaked-out-on-the-inside Lane Davis was born.

She’s 'almost' a virgin but has her heart set on the hottest guy in the office - corporate banker and all round gorgeous hunk, David Bennett. From her analytical standpoint, the answer to winning David is easy: she simply has get herself up to David’s sexual speed. But the unorthodox way she comes up with to achieve that - through training and practice - has her startled friend Sarah volunteering her own brother as Lane's guinea pig, for the sake of safety if nothing else. Adam says he's just fine with Lane's plan ... but he's not fine, he's furious, so it doesn't take long for all hell to break loose as Lane and Adam fight to be the one in charge of their relationship.

Kiss Don't Tell  by Avril Tremayne

Read a little... In this scene, Lane and Adam are discussing the time-frame for when she'll be ready to try out her new skills... ‘I need to be ready in three months.’

‘All right, let me have it. What’s the deal with three months? Party? Conference? Overseas trip? What?’ ‘Nothing like that. I just find it beneficial to set parameters, schedules, timetables. It keeps things on track. And I thought … I thought … three months …? Why? Isn’t that enough time?’

‘It’s long enough.’

‘Is it too long?’

‘Too long? What the—?’

‘I mean …’ She jerked her hand—an indication of impatience? ‘Is there an abridged version?’

Crikey! ‘No, there is not an abridged version. Or any version.’

That hand jerk again, and a slight frown.

He stepped closer, took her chin in his hand to tilt her face up, and looked into her crystal-blue eyes. ‘Three months. No longer, but no shorter. And you’ll be ready for him, Lane. You’ll be so ready, you’ll be able to teach university-level Kama Sutra.’

‘Kama Sutra,’ she said. ‘All of the positions?’

‘Whichever ones you’re up for. Promise. Money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied.’

‘Good—because I will!’ she said gamely. ‘Want my money back. If I’m not.’

Adam felt an almost overwhelming desire to laugh—but it was mixed with a desire to crowd her against the wall and shove himself inside her. Bam. There, is that what you’re paying me for? Done.

One of the things I really love about Kiss Don't Tell is that is shares a timeline with the next book in the series, The Dating Game - which is out in four short days on May 15. This means that Adam and Lane will pop up again there, and reading the books one after the other as all the characters come in and out of the stories is a lot of fun. (Although I hasten to add these are standalone books so there are no cliffhangers involved and you can read one or both).


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