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Wherefore art thou, Mr Rochester


Making her debut as a columnist for The Pink Heart Society, the fabulous Avril Tremayne talks to us about her abiding love for Mr. Rochester and measures up some of the actors who have played him. Did they fulfill her expectations for the role? Did they fulfill yours? Who would you like to see playing the part?

Once, when my daughter was about nine, I was driving her and one of her friends through a suburb of Sydney, just a stone’s throw from where I live. Being geographically challenged to an extraordinary degree, I couldn't find my way out of there. A little frazzled and, as usual, impatient, I instructed the girls to start looking for a motel for the night (unbelievably bad; a stone’s throw, I’m telling you), which is when my daughter piped up with: “Mum, you drive like Mr Rochester’s mad wife.”

In that moment, I knew two things:

1/ I really was a Jane Eyre tragic (as though reading the book 50 times wasn't enough to confirm that); and 2/ I better stop making my daughter sit down with me every rainy day to watch one of my store of Jane Eyre DVDs.


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